We strongly believe in Quality, Hard Work and Sincerity.

At Real Estate Study Group, we have become a leader in providing an advanced real estate education to students for years. We believe that it’s possible to learn all about real estate in only four months. Other programs require students to go through 18 months of complete frustration only to fail the exam. We’re so confident of our learning techniques that we know our students will pass the first time around.

We provide a significant amount of information for students, including online courses, real estate text questions, as well as 1 on 1 coaching. We want to make it as simple as possible for students to learn. We have professionals who can answer questions by phone and by email.

Experienced instructors are behind every OREA real estate course that we offer. We do this for the purpose of making the content easy to understand. There are practice tests to mirror what students will see on exam day and this is designed to sharpen the focus of what’s being studied.

At Real Estate Study Group, we offer unique teaching techniques as well as the most current exam preparation available on the market. Our goal is to create a fun learning environment where students are actually learning the content instead of simply memorizing words on a page.

There are a lot of amateur real estate tutors throughout Canada and we urge people not to fall for these gimmicks. They are not helping with test preparation. We have a tried and true method that has helped many people receive their real estate license – and it is something that we can do for anyone, regardless of what walk of life they are from.

If you have enrolled in a real estate course and are feeling overwhelmed, learn how we can help today!

Choose from our courses:

Course 1

Real Estate as a Professional Career

Course 2

Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading

Course 3 - General

The Real Estate Translation

Course 3 - Residential

Residential Real Estate Transation

Course 3 - Commercial

Commercial Real Estate Transation