A Career In Real Estate as a Realtor, is it for you?

Real estate is a significant factor in both the Ontario and Canadian economies. Land ownership is of paramount economic, social and political importance in Canadian society. A career in real estate demands diligence, flexibility, and hard work on your part, but it also offers great rewards and growth potential.

Most real estate practitioners will tell you there's nothing quite like the emotional and financial satisfaction that comes from the successful negotiation of a transaction.

Even after years of experience as an active practitioner, you are always free to explore related real estate fields to keep your viewpoint fresh and your motivation high.

A real estate purchase is a significant lifestyle decision and constitutes the largest single element of most people’s personal wealth. Sky is the limit to earn.

Our Institute is designed to help provide a way for anyone who desires to get into the Real Estate business and maintain a successful career. Our classes provide ways for anyone, business people, full-time parents, retirees and college students. Our philosophy is: There is no such thing as impossible, you just have to make it happen! Our goal is to provide quality education in a timely manner and in a way that will foster learning for the students. We will teach you what you really need to know not only to pass the exam but to be a successful realtor. 
It does not only know the right information; it is about learning the right techniques for successful studying. You will be surprised at how quickly you will catch on and actually enjoy what you are studying. The course is extremely difficult... most people find it overwhelming and eventually drop out.... there is simply too much information to take in...
The pass rate for the exam is less then 50%... 

Our Real Estate Tutors are professional who know not only what it takes to pass the exam, but how to make the learning experience fun. 

Our objective is to advance opportunities for people in real estate by: providing lifelong learning and representing and promoting the real estate industry and profession. 

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Choose from our courses:

Course 1

Real Estate as a Professional Career

Course 2

Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading

Course 3 - General

The Real Estate Translation

Course 3 - Residential

Residential Real Estate Transation

Course 3 - Commercial

Commercial Real Estate Transation