Course 2

Once you have completed Course 1, you are ready to move onto Course 2. This is a prerequisite regardless of whether you are studying to be a residential or a commercial real estate professional. When you need real estate exam help and you want to make sure you comprehend all of the information that is presented, it can be beneficial to work with our real estate tutors at Real Estate Study.

This is a detail oriented program that can be very demanding. Throughout this course, you will learn what’s needed to be able to assist buyers and sellers when they need to make a decision within the marketplace.

You will be learning about the rights and limitations of property ownership, land registry systems, as well as the planning processes of land use. The course will cover some of the statutory and legal requirements that affect real estate and the trading practices that take place within the marketplace. You will also learn about agency relationships and residential construction, along with property valuation methods that are widely accepted.

If at any time you find the coursework to be overwhelming or you are struggling with comprehension, you can turn to us for help from a real estate course instructor. We can provide you with the 1 on 1 help you need as well as exam prep so you are never left alone to digest the information on your own.

Learning real estate content is of the utmost importance because it will not only help you pass your exam, but help you to become a better real estate professional. You don’t have to be bombarded by all of the paperwork and the books. We can make sure that the learning experience is a lot of fun and that’s why we have become one of the top providers within Canada.

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