Course 3 - Commercial

Once you have completed the real estate courses 1, 2, and 3, you will then need to complete either a residential or commercial course. The commercial course is going to focus entirely on commercial real estate, which includes working with buyers and sellers. The real estate exam questions are going to focus on various aspects of the course and you will need to comprehend the content well.

When you want your real estate license, you have to think about the commercial course and all of the information it is going to provide. You will learn about document drafting, marketing strategies, as well as calculations to help buyers and sellers make effective decisions within the marketplace. The course will also consider financial aspects, including closing costs, financing, and more.

The real estate tutoring that we offer at Real Estate Tutor can help you throughout the entire course. You don’t have to struggle with all of the content. Our tutorials are in depth and with our various learning techniques, we make it fun to learn all of the information. We also have the practice questions to better prepare you for taking the exam.

Throughout the course for the commercial real estate transaction, you will learn about the entire details. This includes all the way from the listing agreement with the seller to the final sale with the buyer. You will also learn about the current issues and trends that occur within the commercial real estate market.

Should you have questions about content, you can rely on our real estate course instructors to answer your questions. This ensures you’re always within the know – and you can send questions by email or pick up the phone. There are also 1 on 1 tutorials available.

Pass the commercial course today with a little guidance from us!

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