Course 3 - General

Course 3 is when you begin to get into a lot of advanced real estate concepts. This is also the course where many students begin to feel overwhelmed and choose to give up as opposed to seeking help. We provide a real estate tutorial for Course 3 to ensure you get the help you need. Essentially, we are here to make the learning fun.

You will have the option of choosing one of two tracks: residential or commercial. Each one is going to teach you something different and prepare you for the real world of real estate negotiations within the specific properties that you will deal with on a regular basis.

During course 3 for residential, you will be learning to meet the practical demands of the real estate market. There will be an emphasis on drafting agency documents, residential agreements for purchases and sales, as well as lease agreements. You will learn the entire residential real estate transaction, from the initial listing all the way through the negotiations and closing.

During course 3 for commercial, you will learn about the buyer/seller representations regarding proposals and marketing as well as basic investment decisions. There will be lessons about drafting agreements and there will be some emphasis on office leasing, industrial real estate, as well as the sale of businesses.

Real estate scenarios will be presented to you. This includes in-offer preparations, counter offers, mortgage and financing principles and more. You will be tested on all of the demanding skills that you will use on a regular basis as a real estate professional. This is also when it can be effective to use real estate exam questions as a way to test your knowledge. OREA exam preparation can ensure you pass the exam the first time around and not have to retake the course for failing to understand the content.

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Course 3 - General

The Real Estate Translation

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Residential Real Estate Transation

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