Principles of Appraisal

The Principles of Appraisal Course is one of the electives that you can choose from when seeking your real estate license. You will be able to choose this amongst several other ones. If you choose this course, you will be learning about appraising property accurately, which is a critical skill if you plan on being successful within the real estate market.

This is an intermediate level course and will build on the valuation fundamentals that you learned throughout Course 1. Some of the day to day methodologies will be highlighted so you can estimate values accurately in all stages of the real estate transaction. This includes with listing, financing, selling, and even marketing a property.

The lessons you learn within the appraisal course will serve you well regardless of whether you will be in residential or commercial real estate. The appraisal process will be broken down and you will learn how to apply the various appraisal techniques as well as how to analyze some of the scenarios within the marketplace.

There will be site and building analysis content along with learning how to use comparable sales data to ensure the correct market value is attacked to a property. Appraisal professionals were the ones responsible for developing the content for the course, ensuring it follows current trends and contains all the information you need.

When you’re ready to learn about appraising property, this is the elective that you will need to select. Ontario real estate courses can be complex, but they don’t have to be. Learn more about how to pass the appraisal course the first time around through our OREA exam preparation and tutorials. You will learn all that is needed and have a firm grasp on the content to be successful within your career as a real estate professional.

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