Principles of Property Management

Principles of Property Management is an elective that you can choose from in order to complete the necessary coursework to obtain your realtor license. There are a number of principles covered within the course and you can obtain real estate tutoring to help get you through the entire content.

Within the marketplace, property management can vary. Therefore, the course is going to provide you with a significant amount of information. You will learn about scenarios regarding residential and commercial properties as well as some of the common responsibilities and duties.

You will be introduced to property management of a property that produces income on behalf of the owner. A management plan will be reviewed, showing you how to use market analysis as well as to create action plans based upon the individual property.

The course will teach about tenant relations, operating and reporting procedures, as well as guidelines to walk you through leasing, collecting rent, common expenses, and maintaining the building. This will allow you to understand all of what could be required of you should you choose to offer property management as one of your services once you obtain your realtor license. It could be one of those services that you offer that sets you above the other realtors in order to bring in more business for yourself throughout the year.

By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of property management and how to conduct yourself within the real estate market. If at any time you find yourself struggling, we offer a real estate tutor, real estate exams to practice with, and much more. This ensures you learn what is needed and have fun within the course. 

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