Real Property Law

Property law is a mandatory course when you are seeking your realtor license. There is no way to get around taking this course and it addresses the challenges that you will often face when negotiating, preparing contracts and agreements, drafting clauses, and bringing a sale to a close.

There is a significant amount of subject matter and it can be overwhelming at times. OREA exam preparation can take the stress out of studying because you will be better prepared. Sample test questions can be taken periodically to ensure you have a firm grasp on the content and that will allow you to move forward to learn more content.

Some of what you will learn in the class includes agency relationships, clause drafting, and complex agreements and how to structure them. You will have a better understanding as to how to analyze real estate situations by the end of the course. It will also allow you to make good decisions within the fast paced real estate market of today.

Legal issues will also be covered in extent and this is where many students struggle. There will be an in-depth amount of information presented about property ownership as well as legislative acts that apply to the real estate market, both residentially and commercially.

You don’t want to struggle with the Ontario real estate courses, especially with property law, and that’s why we have the real estate teachers to help you. When you need a tutor, we are only a click away to ensure you learn all of the premier techniques for studying about real estate – and our teachers are a phone call or email away if you have questions about any of the content.

Sign up for the course today and get the help needed throughout the entire course.

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